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10 creative wedding ideas to add to your ceremony I love Nigerian weddings, colorful with all the pomp and pageantry. The most successful weddings are not necessary the most expensive weddings. I did say well organized weddings where everyone gets to have lots of fun are the most successful. Get creative when planning your wedding. […]

DIY Wedding Budget. Proper planning and budgeting = Fab wedding. Drawing up your wedding budget is serious business; First Rule: DO NOT START SHOPPING FOR YOUR WEDDING UNTIL YOU HAVE DRAWN YOUR BUDGET I know of a bride that started shopping for her wedding without having a budget. She bought her wedding gown, shoes, paid […]

So you got engaged! Introduction, come and gone? Date/Month Picked? Big congratulations! Am sure you are ecstatic about it. So what next you may ask yourself? I remember when I got engaged in June 2010, I had barely 4 months to plan my wedding. I was to get married in Nigeria and was living in […]