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An 18ct Gold Plated Luxury Wedding Invitation, Vanessa Williams

Choosing your wedding invitation has just gone beyond the norm of basic designs that follows your wedding theme.

The luxury effect

We came across this wedding invitation company ‘Adorn invitation’ who created Vanessa William’s wedding invitation cards with 18ct Gold. You all know Vanessa Williams from the popular show ‘Ugly Betty’

The romance

According to Adorn, their wedding invitation cards were designed to symbolised not only their love, but also their willingness and commitment to make a life together. They documented the couple’s design journey in a short invitations love story …How amazing and superbly bespoke is that


The detail

The invitation design was inspired by the Pharaohs of Egypt

The rose, beautiful in all its elements, carries the colour of Marsala on its petals.

This deep and emotionally rich colour conjures the feelings of passion and romance. Naturally, this was the colour highlight Vanessa chose. Along with the gold it created lovely hues and the perfect balance we were aiming for.






Why go for the ordinary wedding invitation type? Fire up your wedding invitation and create a long lasting memorable wedding invitation. Set the trend, be a celebrity on your wedding day.

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