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10 creative wedding ideas to add to your ceremony

I love Nigerian weddings, colorful with all the pomp and pageantry. The most successful weddings are not necessary the most expensive weddings. I did say well organized weddings where everyone gets to have lots of fun are the most successful.

Get creative when planning your wedding. Have a wedding reception where your guests have lots of fun filled activities and are well entertained.

So here are 10 wedding ideas, you can add to the wedding reception

  1. Place on each guest table a photo frame of pictures of you and hubby. This can be designed as a photo collage. From your child-hood pictures, to pictures of when you both just started dating, pictures of special occasions such as your birthday spent together, holidays spent together, the proposal Etc.



  1. Have a photo gallery, with memorable pictures of both the bride and groom, and as a couple. Like a wall of memory lane.


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  1. Name each of your reception table and a description of the event that happened there. E.g. Allcroft Road – Where Jay proposed, Club 45 – Where Jay and Bey met. Etc.




  1. Have a detachable page (an advice card) at the end of your wedding program where guests can write a word / two advices for the couple. Collect them in a box before the end of the wedding reception, pick 2/3 from the box and have the MC read them.



  1. Have a photo booth/studio were guests can take pictures/ or have a red carpet.


  1. Can’t afford a chocolate fountain? Have a sweet bar. Both Adults and Kids love this.

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  1. Have the oldest couple at the wedding reception say a word / two of advice and dance with the couple.


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  1. Instead of the traditional thank you speech. Have a prerecorded a video and play it for your guests to watch. E.g a special dance from both of you and your bride maids & groom and end it with a thank you message for parents, friends and guests.


  1. Half way through your reception, have a projector and flash through pictures of your relationship history. i.e pictures from dates, holidays, birthdays, the proposal. Etc.,

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  1. Announce your entrance with a short drama themed to rhythm with a song. This is a great way to break the ice and set up for a fun vibe for the rest of the event.



Do you have any additional wedding idea? Feel free to share with us.

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