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Traditional Coral Beads or other Costume Beads?

The question is Coral Beads or Costume Beads?


Traditionally and over the years, our Nigerian culture ‎has favored coral as the No.1 traditional accessory to enhance your outfit on an occasion especially Nigerian Wedding ceremonies.

Coral doesn’t only revive tradition; original coral beads are one of the most expensive type of jewellery in the world due to the difficulty of obtaining the sea plant and its nature which is becoming rare.


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As such coral signifies status, power and often a sign of wealth.




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However as everything else in these world, coral beads have imitations and there is no reason why you cannot use these for your wedding if you are unable to afford the original.

Original coral is reddish in colour but there are other colours too (for example white coral). So if you are keen on that status, powerful traditional Nigerian looks, coral is your best option.




bespokiet trad 5




Coral is also known to be a core part of the powerful and rich Edo, Benin culture








Some people just don’t fancy coral beads, is that you? Some say it is too heavy, no color variety.

While others prefer lighter non-dominating accessories. If you are one of these, costume jewellery is your best bet. They are fashionable and come in various styles. They are flexible, handmade to your taste by various vendors, inexpensive and fit within the budget.












They can be suitable for your traditional wedding outfit as well as evening first couple dance.

One thing to mention is that coral is still the favorite for traditional weddings. They portray royalty. If you are not keen on the weight, they come in different sizes too. Coral can be further enhanced combined with gold jewellery‎.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 22.28.35

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