When Gambian meets Nigerian, let’s just say the beginning, and the rest is a clash of glamorous, you know it. I know Nigerian Style well and truly well, but when I saw Gambian, I knew Africans were born stylists and stunner. The Beautiful traditional wedding took place in London and my amazing friends wowed the […]

The question is Coral Beads or Costume Beads?   Traditionally and over the years, our Nigerian culture ‎has favored coral as the No.1 traditional accessory to enhance your outfit on an occasion especially Nigerian Wedding ceremonies. Coral doesn't only revive tradition; original coral beads are one of the most expensive type of jewellery in the [...]

Choosing the right Gele colour for your Nigerian Traditional wedding or Aso Ebi can be a daunting task. Why, because you have so many colours to choose from and you will all agree with me that a woman most difficult morning challenge is picking what to where to work let alone for the most remarkable […]