My Nigerian Wedding Directory completely fell in love with this Lady’s Hats – Let’s call it love at first sight. We wanted to know more about this vendor and what is behind her inspirational collection. The only directory dedicated to promoting and elevating Nigerian wedding vendors brings you Annay Millinery. Annay Millinery founded by a […]

The question is Coral Beads or Costume Beads?   Traditionally and over the years, our Nigerian culture ‎has favored coral as the No.1 traditional accessory to enhance your outfit on an occasion especially Nigerian Wedding ceremonies. Coral doesn't only revive tradition; original coral beads are one of the most expensive type of jewellery in the [...]

Choosing the right Gele colour for your Nigerian Traditional wedding or Aso Ebi can be a daunting task. Why, because you have so many colours to choose from and you will all agree with me that a woman most difficult morning challenge is picking what to where to work let alone for the most remarkable […]