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Am engaged, what next? (the wedding budget)

So you got engaged! Introduction, come and gone? Date/Month Picked? Big congratulations! Am sure you are ecstatic about it.

So what next you may ask yourself? I remember when I got engaged in June 2010, I had barely 4 months to plan my wedding. I was to get married in Nigeria and was living in the United Kingdom at that time.


I had no idea where to start from and sought the advice of an older friend. She asked me what our budget was and I responded that I had no idea. She told me to work out a budget with my then Fiancée (now hubby) and call her back.

I was a bit disappointed with her response, but as I sat down and thought about it, I realized that she was very correct. The first step in planning your wedding is to set your budget with your Fiancée/fiancé/Parents. Having a budget determines everything else you do, decide and choose. It is a guide as to the kind of wedding hall you want, decoration, dress, the kind of vendors you use. Etc. Are you paying for the wedding yourselves or will your parents contribute?  How much will be contributed?  The best thing you can do is figure this out before anything else, and then stick to your budget.


Sticking to your budget is so important; you do not have to go bankrupt for you to have a fab wedding. You can have a fabulous wedding based on any budget. All you need is proper planning. In setting your wedding budget; note that no two weddings are the same. We have different financial capabilities, different priorities, different styles and taste.


Once you set your wedding budget based on how much you have/can afford, then you can work out your budget and apportion them to the different elements of your wedding.

In my next post, I will be guiding you on how to work/draw up a budget from the scratch.

Till then, keep basking in your engagement euphoria!!!!


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